Short answer? Nope.

But my long answer includes a resounding YES.

I am content with my life. I even love my life. I have a family that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and we live in a lovely little house on a quiet street with some of the greatest neighbors ever. We have good healthy food on the table at nearly every meal (we won’t talk about tonight’s canoli’s from the local Italian joint). I can turn the heater or air-conditioner on when the weather outside is inhospitable.I have running water to run a hot bath or shower any time I need to luxuriate. I firmly believe I’m where God wants me right now.

So yes, I am content and quite happy with life : )

When I go deeper into that answer, though, I find alot of discontent. Not a complaining and whining kind of discontent, but a discontent that stems from knowing that all the elements that make up our life could still be improved upon.

We could be more organized.
We could live more simply.
I could cook better meals.
I could read more books aloud and play more games.
The baseboards could be cleaner (for that matter, they could be repainted since I doubt that has been done since the house was built).

Then there is my never-ending list of decorating and organizing dreams that would improve our lifestyle and satisfy my innate desire for a beautiful home. Curtains for my room, a new rug for the living room, more furniture for the bedrooms.

So I am not content because my perfectionist eye will always find a new detail that can be improved to be more useful and beautiful. And that is a good kind of discontent for someone like me who naturally likes to make things more beautiful and peaceful.

Are you content?


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