I am now officially more than a week behind on documenting our adventures, but our days have been so busy that, by the time I have any free time left at the end of the day, I just want to crash in bed along with the kids! Once I get this far behind, it seems too daunting to try to play catch-up all at once, so I’m not even going to try. I’m just going to take it one day at a time as I have a few minutes here and there. The important things are the pictures anyway, right? After all, if pictures are really worth a thousand words, they can save my fingers alot of typing and my brain alot of work ; )

Another beach day… duh! On our way, we stopped to watch the sea otters who were hanging out near the rocky coast. They wrap up in the kelp to anchor to anchor themselves while they eat and snooze.


Next stop, my favorite beach! This week there was a confirmed shark sighting (some hungry 18′ Great White hanging out hoping to catch an easy dinner of Harbor Seal!). Yikes! Naturally the water was off-limits past ankle-depth, so we stayed at the edge of the waves and enjoyed the warm sun and cool salty breeze. It was a little strange, though, to see empty beach, police driving up and down the beach to alert any newcomers, and the Harbor Patrol boat scanning the waters. Scary if you really think about it… So we stayed out of the water and played with these cool little guys! They’re some kind of exotic blue jellyfish (minus the stinging tentacles!) that only washes up on shore during an El Nino year. IMG_5651

Every wave brought a fresh batch of them, which the kids would scramble to collect before the next wave washed them away! IMG_5652

A never-ending supply! I even submitted to my inner-child’s curiosity and ran out to grab them to add to the kids’ buckets. IMG_5656

Watching safely from a distance, Grandma provided a spot of shade for this sweet puppy. She belongs to some old friends who came to town and spent the day at the beach with us. IMG_5660

So, check it out! It was one FULL bucket of blue jellies! I wish the camera on my phone could’ve captured the colors in all their beauty. It was this stunning, shimmery blue that sparkled as if it had glitter in it! IMG_5673

Dinner anyone? Soup’s almost done! My water-hating baby thought it was the greatest thing ever to drop the jellies, one by one, into her bucket of water and stir with a seagull feather! IMG_5677At the end of the day, we scattered the Jellies back into the waves and watched them shimmer as the tide picked them up and carried them away.

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