I got to choose the destination today, so off we headed to my favorite stretch of beach. This one is mostly unknown to tourists, which means there are only ever a few locals there enjoying a morning run or practicing their surfing skills. It’s perfection as far as beaches go; long stretches of sand, big waves to play in, and no sounds except my own children playing and the sea birds flying over us. So if it’s such a perfect beach, why don’t the tourists flock to it, you ask? Ah, well, you see, it requires a small feat of endurance to trek through the protective dunes that shield it from the main roads. I am always up for the trek knowing the jewel that awaits at the end of it : ) Bitty Girl made the trek on her own this year!

I know it doesn’t look like a big deal as far as distance, but trust me, trying to walk through all that dry sand is no easy task. You definitely get a great leg workout! And the view is gorgeous, of course!


Today, a previous beach-bum had kindly left a massive hole for us. It saved us adults some digging, and we were more than happy to sit back and see what the kids would do with it…



Wait. What is she doing? Do I want to watch this?!


She’s too crazy NOT to watch! Can you believe this?! The expression on her face, the wild abandon that she displayed in leaping off that edge. I love her trust in her own abilities. No fear!

Look at her face. I couldn’t stop laughing : ) She did this over and over, laughing in pure exhilaration every time. If I could’ve looked as graceful as she does flying into a hole, I’d have tried it too just to see if it was really as fun as she made it look : )

IMG_5508She was quite pleased with her performance ; )

This little guy wasn’t crazy enough to attempt flying, but he wanted to be part of the photo action. Gotta love his adorable sunscreen-smeared face!

See, what did I tell ya? Miles of deserted beach : ) Every time I’m here, I imagine myself going for a run across the soft sand with the waves lapping at my feet. …And every time I’m here, I tell myself, “maybe next time…” as I spread my towel over the sand and sit down to soak in the view ; ) Seriously, though, sometime when I don’t have to keep such a close eye on little kids, I will run sprints up and down this stretch of beach and enjoy every second of it!

The sun burned through the fog a couple hours later. Did I not tell you this beach is pure perfection?! Am I totally weird to look at this and see a living room color scheme? Blue walls, sand-colored rug, and throw pillows in every shade of aqua…


IMG_5530The water is always warmest in the late afternoon hours. That’s when kids get brave enough to venture into the cold water, especially this kid… He has turned into a fish in the pool at home, and it has really boosted his oceanside confidence. He was practicing his attack on the waves, having a blast jumping into each new surge. Don’t worry, they look high, but it’s an optical illusion; the water is barely calf-deep right here, so the waves have to go UP then disperse. It’s when they go up, that you can jump into them and pretend you’re in deep water ; )

There was a little boy on the beach giving away shells that he no longer wanted. I guess he thought Bitty was cute and wanted her to have them : ) I told her you can hear the ocean inside. She totally bought it and walked around with the shell to her ear announcing, “I hear it! I hear the ocean, Mommy!”

A perfect day ended with–ummm… hmmm… I couldn’t figure out if he was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty or Thor the Avenger… Whichever he was, he was cracking himself up and wanted to make sure I preserved the moment ; )