Still craving a cool walk on the coast, we ventured further north to a town with a boardwalk along the oceanside bluffs. No fear of snakes or impassable trails HERE! And it was even cool enough to wear jackets for most of the walk.

We passed a nice lady who was out for her daily walk, then a few minutes later, she passed us when she turned around to walk back to her car. The sight of us on a bench having a pre-walk snack (gotta keep these kids fueled!) was so adorable to her that she announced, “You have to let me take your pictures because you all look so cute!” So here we are in all our adorableness ; )


Bug enjoys the cooler weather the most as he’s always been extra-sensitive to ambient temperatures. I think he also just likes an excuse to be able to wear his favorite green hoodie because it makes him feel very Hulk-like! IMG_5949

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for a little while before leaving for a wedding, so it was just a nice casual walk. No sandy messes to clean up, no heavy bags to haul, just our family enjoying the ocean breeze and having fun with our cameras.



This girl is her own personal stylist! I’ve always had these expectations of me picking out my girls’ outfits and dressing them like mini-me’s  until they were at least twelve… Funny the things we assume until we actually become a mom! While she and I share alot of the same tastes, she definitely has her own way of putting outfits together, and I’m learning to give her some freedom to express herself. She adores accessories and seems to have a knack (NOT inherited from me, by the way!) for making them look as effortless as an afternoon stroll on the coast : ) IMG_5959

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