The previous night required some extra recovery time, so I let this Sweetie sleep until her little body was recovered and ready for a new day. Somehow I think starting the day with a picture of a newly-invented purple superhero isn’t going to hurt matters either ; ) I call them kid-sightings, when one of my children leaves a special creation as a surprise waiting to be discovered. I am blessed to have four children who think this is just the funnest thing ever! I’m always finding pictures tucked under my pillow, Lego inventions sitting on my kitchen counter, stuffed animals wrapped in quilts on my living room chair… They love to surprise me and each other as often as they can think up ways to do it. This morning was no exception. Big brother wanted his little sister to wake up to something that would make her smile : )


As if the purple superhero, imagined just for her, weren’t enough, another surprise awaited. A trip to the golf store to procure a golf bag and a driver-head-cover named Daisy! Now she is ready for her first golf excursion of the summer.


She still looks tired from her sad day, but her smile is enough indication that she is feeling more like herself, and she made sure to tell me, multiple times throughout the day, “Today’s a happy day, Mommy!”

And a happy day it is! We spent most of the afternoon at the beach soaking up the sun, breathing the invigorating air, and playing with cousins. Grandpa and Bitty Girl did an exceptional job at keeping our campsite under control. Neither of them are water-lovers, so theirĀ  task is to shoo the sea gulls away and enjoy the contents of our picnic bag!


I even managed to get a good shot of myself at the beach! That’s a new hat, by the way. I am NOT a hat person, but I have accepted that I’m not getting any younger, and it’s time to take a little better care of my skin, starting with some self-made shade for long days on the beach. Today the wind was weak enough that I could put my latest purchase to the test. Call me crazy, but I kinda like it!


This crazy girl has a different perspective on self-procured shade; sand has excellent UV protection! She even ate her lunch in this position… we just had to haul a bucket of ocean water up for her to rinse her hands in!

IMG-54651This exceeds my picture-collection of the day. I have to protect cameras from all the sand, so I limit my photo ops on beach days. But be assured, we had a lovely day with our local cousins jumping in the waves, digging incredible holes and sand towers, and chasing each other with dead sand crabs!

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