What’s that? You don’t believe me? Well, I guess you wouldn’t, not being privy to my hard drive. Seriously, I have half a dozen essays (or whatever you want to call them) waiting to be published.

But in the midst of shoveling moats on the beach, scrubbing sand out of my pores, painting everyone’s houses (yes, for real! That’s what one does on vacation, right? Paint? …hmmm… Well, I do…), and trying to keep everyone’s insatiable hunger satisfied, I have had zero brain cells left for the techie side of writing. Namely, publishing it for you to read.

Really, it’s not the writing part or even the copy-and-paste process of transferring my scribblings to my blog; it’s that pressure to make it look beautiful while I’m at it. I crave stunning pictures to bring life and color to my words, but my photo-editing skills don’t sync up with the image in my mind of what a published blog post should look like.

I’m not even talking editing colors and adjusting saturation and lighting. I’m talking elementary tasks like cropping an image to blog-friendly size and adding an unimpressive watermark in one corner.

I know how to do those things, but they don’t come naturally to me. So I procrastinate. It’s a bad habit.

I know I shouldn’t let a lack of photo-editing skills prohibit my writing. After all, good writing doesn’t need pictures. Not that I’m claiming to be that great of a writer! I’m just reminding myself that I need to strive for words and descriptions that don’t require photography to make my blog appealing.

But somehow I can never quite grasp the words to describe the emotions of watching waves crash against rocks like a living creature, or capture the joyous shrieks of my children when they time a wave just right and surf to shore on a boogie board.

Some things simply require a picture.

I’ve about exceeded walls to paint in this tiny cottage, so maybe I’ll sift through the hundreds of pictures on my phone and computer. It does seem silly to take as many pictures as I do yet never find the time to share them with anyone. It’s always so easy to snap that shutter button…

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  1. Well, at least you are writing. And just so you know, I could almost picture the waves, and hear the noise of your children. You just don’t know what images a few words can do to an active imagination. 🙂 Though I will admit that it would be fun to see some pictures. 🙂

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