I doubt anyone knows how many Draft posts I have going… My brain and typing speeds far exceed my technical skills. I HAVE to write. It’s just IN me. Blog formatting, though, is much more of a challenge for me, so I may have ten different posts written and waiting in my Drafts folder while I try to sort out pictures for them.

I’ve heard pictures and photography are integral parts of successful blogging, so rather than subject you, dear readers, to less than spectacular blog posts, I click on “Publish” far less often than I could.

In the meantime, I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s kind of cool to be mentioned on someone else’s blog!

I think Dena made my blog sound far more exciting than it actually is at this point, but I’m very appreciative and will do my best to live up to the ambitious description she gave of my blog : ) Thank you, Dena!

Since I’d never heard of it before, I had to take up the matter with our dear friend Google, who knew right away what I was looking for. Apparently, a Liebster is an internet-only award given by bloggers for other bloggers as a way of introducing and promoting new or lesser-known bloggers to the blogosphere.

I found multiple sets of “rules” at Wording Well (they’re more like guidelines… I’m not intentionally trying to quote the Pirates, but hey, they did say with such memorable flare!). I think I’d be here forever if I tried to incorporate every single rule in this one post, so I’ll stick with the most important which is to keep the award moving forward!

In the spirit of passing along this fine award, I’d like to nominate a few blogs I enjoy.

 AngelaTheTwin – I know Angela personally, and even though she doesn’t claim to be a writer and has very little words on her blog, she truly doesn’t need them. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. She has a passion for capturing the beauty in a split second. Looking at her pictures always forces me to take a minute to focus on the small joys in life.

GivingUpOnPerfect – I very recently discovered Mary’s blog, so I haven’t perused the whole of it yet, but her What Makes You Nerdy post stuck with me and encouraged me to start my own blog. Writing is one of the things that really makes me who I am. Thanks for helping me realize that, Mary! And really, how can I not share a blog with such a great review of one of my favorite TV shows?! Yay, Chuck Bartowski!

ContentedSeamstress – Hannah blogs about everything from her latest outfit to her most recent spiritual challenge. Her sensitive heart and creativity are always inspiring to me.

ModernMrsDarcy – I discovered Modern Mrs. Darcy only a couple weeks ago. She has an emphasis on raising her family with the influence of classical literature. i.e., making sure her kids grow up with Elizabeth Darcy and Anne Shirley as old family friends 🙂 I’ve also been following her on Pinterest and feel as if I must have found my long-lost twin sister; our tastes in books, home decor, and momhood are almost identical.

Some Liebster Award nominees answer questions and/or provide several random bits of info about themselves. In honor of the occasion, and since I may have some new people drop in as a result, I thought I’d share a few facts about myself…

I love style, whether it be in the form of food, beautiful homes or clothing fashions. My current style obsession is minimalism, as I try to bring a little more order and peace to my household of four very active kiddos.

I’ve been called a hippie and a free-spirit for as long as I can remember, usually because I love long, flowy dresses reminiscent of what my mom wore in high-school, but more recently because I don’t always fit in with the social norms. I eat organic foods, cook most of our meals from scratch, and attempt a garden every year because the idea of wandering through my garden to see what’s for dinner is always such a romantic one to me.

I don’t have a favorite color. My daughter is always asking what my favorite color is, but I love so many colors, and I rotate favorite color palettes on a regular basis. Currently, I am in love with indigo blue and pops of coral pink, but I will always have purple somewhere in my house and a wide range of turquoise blues.

My hobbies include (but are far from limited to!) sewing, gardening, Callanetics, yoga, jewelry-making, writing, Pinterest (yes, Pinterest counts as a hobby; don’t judge me!), decorating, and fashion.

To my Liebster nominees, here is my challenge:

Keep the award going by nominating at least three new bloggers who are inspiring to you.

Share a few interesting facts about yourself.

Have fun doing it!




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