Am I the only 34-year-old who has never ever in her whole entire life had a pedicure?! I know, shocking, right? Have I missed out on some important rite of passage into womanhood? I sure hope not because the idea of sitting in a nail salon getting high on formaldehyde isn’t exactly on my to-do list anytime soon ; )

It has never struck me as weird before, but lately I’ve felt a little backwards as everyone around me seems focused on their nails (the explosion of Jamberry, perhaps?), and even my very casualest and DIYer friends take the time to go to the nail salon on occasion.

Growing up, I didn’t even own nail polish until I was in my teens, and then it was only because my mom bought a single bottle to do her nails for her high-school reunion, and I stole the bottle from her ; ) She probably doesn’t even remember…

From that point on, I nearly always had nail polish on my toenails. Call me weird, but I think toes and feet in general aren’t the most attractive appendages, and with my propensity for wearing flip-flops and being barefoot on the beach, I like to dress my piggies up just a tad. But I still have never been to a salon or even let anyone else touch my feet to do my nails.

Have I also mentioned I don’t like people touching my feet? Yeah… Major hindrance.

Well, today I took the first step toward a real pedicure…

I survived, and the girls had a blast. I blogged to distract my brain the fact that my feet were being touched.

But really, Missy was very gentle and only touched my toes. As I sit here admiring my somewhere messy pedicure, it has occurred to me that I just got a new color on my toenails without a single bit of effort on my part, and I kinda like it! Typically, I’ll let my nails go until they look beyond shabby simply because I’m too lazy busy to clean the old polish off and repaint multiple coats.

I think I may have just found the solution to great-looking toes all summer! Now if they could just get the hang of applying Jamberries…

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