I live in a small house. Well, small compared to most of my neighbors’ and friends’ houses. I have a little more than 2600 square feet, which is actually a mansion compared to many houses, and I know I am incredibly blessed with this house. It’s far newer and nicer and more beautiful than any house I ever imagined I would realistically be living in. However, this house has, in my opinion, alot of wasted space. Who really needs 100 square feet of foyer space? …Especially when most people I know come to the back door… Or a breakfast nook that is unusable because it is also the back entrance? We have a master closet that is larger than the secondary bedrooms in our previous abode, and my laundry room, while enormous as far as laundry rooms go, is such a funky layout that I can’t add organizing furniture or even hooks on the walls without blocking the entrance to the garage. All said and done, I figure I have close to 500 square feet of floorplan just going to waste! That’s alot of space!

There are six of us living here, and when I say living, I mean LIVING. We are literally here 24-7, and believe me, it starts to feel pretty small when Legos spew out of the bedrooms and the trains start tracking around the foyer. I guess that oversized foyer might as well be put to good use… My project for the next few months is to delve into the creative recesses of my brain and find ways to make all the wasted space work for our lifestyle. It’s going to require some outside-of-the-box thinking. Like turning my laundry room into craft-supply central. The breakfast nook will be converted into a reading nook, and maybe I’ll even transform the foyer into a yoga studio! We’ll see… Stay tuned because you never know what crazy arrangement I’ll try! I promise I’ll be posting pictures as I go : )

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