…I truly do not see how life can get any better. Seriously, warm sunshine, perfect temperatures, stunning views, and adventurous kids all add up to one gorgeously-memorable day and a few sunkissed cheeks!

But first, before I get to the really good stuff, humor me and admire my Jamberried toes! I’m so excited to have found a way to have fun, funky toes AND enjoy the sand and waves. Is it totally silly that it makes me smile to see pretty toes on myself?


Now for some real craziness, how many of YOU can do THIS?! I remember when *I* could do that once-upon-a-time… And here I was proud of myself for running sprints on the beach and actually beating my oldest son in a race across loose sand! If I could do this again, I’d be one proud mommy!


My two oldest kids are far too adventurous for my tastes. They clambered up the rocks to the top of a nearby jetty to take a gander at the seething ocean beyond. Every time those waves crash against the big rocks, Bitty Girl’s eyes would widen, and she’d announce, “Mommy, it’s FUMBER! (thunder)” But these two thought it was a grand adventure to stand at the top and wave down at me. I love how kids are so unafraid, fully trusting their nimble bodies to get them where they want to go and keep them safe while doing it. I guess I’m just the paranoid mom who sees nothing but big gaps and holes and crashing waves.Every time they take off to explore something new, I hear Dory’s voice in the back of my head, “Well, you can’t never let anything happen to them; then nothing would ever happen to them.” So I wave back with a smile, snap a few pictures, and trust the abilities God blessed them with and His protective hand over them. …I am far from perfect at it… And in actuality, the sloping edge of that jetty is still at least another ten feet beyond my kiddos’ feet with a watchful Grandma in between : )

This Bitty Girl, despite any other faults she may have, isn’t even tempted by dangerous escapades. She stays on solid ground, far from the water and rocks, content to dig in the mostly-dry sand.


Not to be outdone by her baby sister, this crazy girl is THE QUEEN of getting dirty on the beach! It’s not officially a beach day until she has sand up to her forehead! Today she decided to experiment with burying her lower-half, which she managed quite nicely all by herself : )


One of my favorite aspects of a beach day is enjoying the beauty all around us. It never ceases to amaze me how totally unreal it is to be able to capture views like this on camera! It doesn’t need any Photoshopping to make it breathtaking; it just IS, no matter what kind of camera you happen to have in your hand. I am amazed every time I look out over the ocean, completely awed that a normal person like me can have access to such powerful beauty.



Just for the record, yes, I climbed to the top of that jetty too, so I could take these last two pictures! I decided if I ever had a beach day all for myself, this would be one of the places I’d want to come; I’d climb to the top, spread a beach towel on a warm, flat rock and lie there listening to the waves crash and feeling the salt spray on my skin…


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