The crickets are chirping at me to go to bed, but before I do, how ’bout I throw some random fun pictures out there?!

She has dubbed herself Eagle Girl, or something… All I think is, “Whoa! Look at her muscles!!!” Apparently she’s short only because all her nutrition goes straight to her muscles, not to her skeletal height ; )


I’m not sure if we’re playing Spiderman or pirates… Or has Spiderman adopted a pirate’s life?


A quick trip to our favorite little grocery store. She was psyched to see that they’ve upsized the small carts to something more practical and size-appropriate! We actually fit everything we needed into only her cart. I felt really weird walking around not pushing anything…
IMG_5330Here is where I should be right now. …Minus the Little Einsteins on an iPod ; )


I never tire of watching my babies sleep…

Goodnight, everybody!


2 comments on “Random Fun”

  1. That cart is perfect!!! The ones at your grocery store, are the size a 2 or 3 year old needs.
    How does she eat? She hardly has any teeth! 🙂

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