I love catching my kids when they’re not expecting me!

She got her own little book collection from Daddy… I think it’s obvious she likes it ; )


Early morning… I was still half-asleep, but I heard Bitty Girl fetch her iPod and Bug ask in a whisper, “Can I get in your bed with you?” To which she promptly replied, “Yes!” He climbed in with, “Thank you!” And since Bitty is incredibly sweet and polite right after a good sleep or nap, she said, “You’re welcome!” And they shared an episode of Little Einsteins until I willed myself to get out of bed and preserve the moment while it lasted.IMG_5685

Hanging out on the deck with Bitty while waiting for supper to cook on the grill…IMG_5698

She likes her books : ) IMG_5702

This one likes to sleep in and loves vacation for that reason ; ) Too bad *I* don’t get to sleep in because she kicks!  IMG_5705

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  1. Oh my heavens, I cannot even believe how big your kids are! They have grown up in the short span you took a break from blogging. Wow. I am looking forward to reading through all your posts and I’m just thrilled you are here again, sharing pics and stories.

    Your sweet kids are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, what a good looking bunch you have!

    Love you lots my friend! ~Tara

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