And when I say rocky, I’m not exaggerating! The entire beach is covered in rocks. Not a speck of sand to be seen! I suppose this is how our usual sandy beaches must feel to The Borrowers and Fairies ; )

These rocks are torture to walk across for any length of time, but it is one of my favorite haunts for a lazy day. I’ll bet you can’t even imagine the treasures to be discovered in one handful of rocks…


Fairy-size shells, bits of jade, occasional shards of glass, among a myriad of other things I can’t identify, all polished smooth as silk by the tides. I can literally spend hours lying on this beach sifting through the smooth rocks. It soothes my senses and inspires my imagination. If all of these things are hidden in what appears to be gravel to the naked eye, what treasures must fine sand hold?! Do tinier shells exist?


While I daydream of tiny details, the rest of my family focuses on much larger projects such as sabotaging the creek!


They even successfully dug out a nice little wading hole. Calling it a swimming hole is a bit of a stretch although Bug was able to paddle around in it for a little while!

We called it a day when the group of moms downstream started hollering at us. Apparently we were supposed to be sharing the creek water ; )

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