I don’t want to look back on my life at the things I have not done.

I’m good at prioritizing. Prioritizing the things that MUST be done, like meals, laundry, grocery shopping, getting kids to activities on time.
I am not good at prioritizing the things that are truly important in life.

Making memories.

Using the skills and gifts God has given me.

Pursuing the things that spark my interest.

Capturing a fleeting moment with my child.

Seeing the JOY in life in the midst of the hustle of parenting.

I don’t prioritize myself and often feel as if I’m not worth investing in because, as a mom, my sole purpose is to raise my children, right? We are told motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice, giving up oneself for the development of the next generation.

But how can we teach our children to explore their interests and live a life of purpose and joy if we are not modeling that for them?

How can we say to them, “Use the gifts God gave you to be a light to the world,” when we are hiding our own gifts even from our own children?

They are called gifts for a reason. Gifts are meant to be shared, not closeted.

This is my space to share my gifts with you. Come have a cup of tea with me, and let’s learn together to stop hiding our light!

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