Welcome to my little corner of the world! I’m Crystal, wife, mom, and beautifier extraordinaire! I love to make things beautiful and make beautiful things. This is my space to share those things with you!

I hope you’re here to be encouraged and will journey with me as I learn how to be let go of expectations and simply BE who God intended me to be. I don’t claim to be perfect at it. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find that I strive to be as real and transparent in every area of my life as is socially acceptable! If my house is a mess, I’m going to tell you. If I slept in because I stayed up too late binge-watching completely worthless show on Netflix, I’ll admit that too. If I have random questions rolling around my brain screaming to be let out, you bet I’m going to ask them! And if I feel like pondering the meaning of life and rambling on and on, I’m definitely going to write it out because that’s how my heart works through some of the craziness that life throws at me.

I love my family, I have a million interests, and I love to write. At my very core, even with all the crafting, fashion styling, cooking, teaching, gardening, and home design that I do, writing is and always will be my first love. Very few things make me happier than sharing life through words. If you find joy, discover something new, or are simply entertained for a few minutes by my online journal, I will be thrilled knowing my gift is blessing someone else.

So make yourself at home, leave a comment (preferably a nice one because ain’t nobody got time for not-nice comments!), and take a peek into my life for a few minutes!

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