That’s our word for the temperature today. Good word? That’s the word I used when a child appeared at my elbow and blinked back a tear because “Today’s not a good day.”

A colorless blanket of clouds just thick enough to block the sun but not thick enough to bring a heavy gloom. Too cold to play outside, but not cold enough to snow. Just a blah winter”s day.

These are the days when my mind wanders to being wealthy enough to own a winter home on a warm beach in the Turks and Caicos islands.

I love the geography I’ve learned from House Hunters International. I don’t know why Turks and Caicos stuck with me from an episode three years ago. Maybe it was because the Bahamas seems cliche, or maybe because that episode was a normal family looking for a normal house to live their normal life, which is all I need to do. I just want to do it in an abnormally gorgeous place with an ocean view!

But back to my not so tropical winter day…

I have a secret weapon this year. In addition to popping vitamin-D tablets throughout the day, I’ve been walking. Thanks to Leslie Sansone, I can walk several miles a day from the warmth of my own living room! It’s a little addicting. I can walk a mile before breakfast. Then every couple of hours when I start to feel the chill of the tile floors and cheap windows, I take another walk.

I can’t tell you how great it is to work up a sweat and wear a tank top and no socks in the middle of winter!

I don’t care what the temperature is outside today! I can take a mood-boosting walk on the worst of days.

Do you need a burst of energy today? Take a happy walk!



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