…plain and simple, it’s Saturday! Need I say more?

I can wake up to the late morning sun falling across my face, have a lazy stretch, and grab a book to enjoy from the depths of my warm duvet…

Oh wait, I’m a mom.

Lazy Saturdays don’t exist.

I’m on a mission to make them exist in our lifestyle. At least for the next few weeks until the soccer season starts.

I started a Bullet Journal this year, or rather, my over-simplified version of a Bullet Journal. Surprisingly, I am getting things done almost without realizing it! It’s been so successful that I’ve given my kids their own even more simplified versions of Bullet Journals, and they have been getting things done in record time (most days).

This means that for the last two weekends, we have had relatively lazy days for the first time ever during a school semester!

All of those marked-off boxes in our journals are reason enough to reward ourselves with a day of sewing, reading, movies, simpler meals, and all the Lego creations certain brains can think up.

That is why tomorrow will be better.

At least that’s one reason.

I believe every day will be better because it’s another day God gives me to be better, do better. One of the things He has laid on my heart in recent months is to simplify my life so I can live the life He’s given me and be a better mom rather than just the maid-of-all-work.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but it is the day the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in. That is the real reason tomorrow will be better.

What about your tomorrow? How will it be better than today?


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