Hi, my name is Crystal, and I’m a morning person. I realized this week, after sentencing three blog posts to the black hole of my Drafts folder because I wasn’t “feeling it”, blogging simply does not happen for me in the evenings! I don’t know why I’ve been waiting until the day is over to sit down to write. I know it won’t happen. I am just not a night-person. Never have been, never will be no matter how much I try to be like my husband! Eventually staying-up-late catches up with you, and I’ve reached that point. Last night I went to bed at 10:12, and I only waited that long because I’d been sitting on my bed perusing Pinterest like a zombie for the previous thirty minutes and was too out-of-it to get off the bed, flip the light off, and tuck myself into the bed!

So here’s to a new plan: write in the MORNING, when the sunlight is pouring through my windows, my brain is awake, and my highly-needs-attention child is still asleep 😉 I am a morning person. Always have been, always will be.

Here’s what’s blooming this morning:


Tiny sproutlings (yes, I am aware that’s not a word!) of something. Arulula? I’d tell you what they are, but my son planted them, and I don’t know which seeds he sowed in that particular spot of the garden. May I also just say that it is insane to be planting a garden the end of October! But I figured with the weather being so unseasonably warm that I might as well stop being put-out about it and try to get a winter garden going. Who knows, as warm as it still is, we may not even have winter, in which case, a garden is a spectacular idea since it’s at least not a hundred degrees outside anymore! I’m going with that being arugula. We also planted spinach, kale, lettuce, and fava beans, all of which are taking their own sweet time to show their little green faces.

Before I dash off to spoon oatmeal into bowls and get our daily projects started, here is the current crown jewel of my garden, a Mona Lavender Grandma and I fell in love with last week… I’m going to try keeping it alive as a houseplant over the winter then find more in the spring to grace my landscaping. Isn’t she gorgeous? I love starting my day with something in bloom!


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